All about Becky …

{7 March 2008}   Story time

Once upon a time there was a young lady, living in Devon (which she rather smugly thought was probably the most beautiful part of the world in which to live), trying to create a wonderful life for herself and her two small sons.  She felt happier and more settled than she had for years and had made some fantastic friends. All was well….

But in her dreams things were even better….she lived much closer to the land, maybe in some sort of community, everyone with their own space but with shared communal facilities (gardens, workshops, studios, meditation, yoga and dance spaces).  There were lots of other families and always other kids for her boys to play with.  The parents helped each other out with things.  People grew food together, shared visions, stories, transport, resources…

Becky and her tribe were creating the reality they’d always dreamed of.  There were frequent trips to the river, sea and moor and everyone was close to and aware of the elements and the cylcle of the sun, moon and seasons.  Sometimes it didn’t feel like they were living in the 21st century as they had found something primal, timeless and profoundly beautiful.


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