All about Becky …

{9 October 2009}   I’m back!

Okay so it’s been a bit too long, but here I am again, fingers poised, variously inspired and ready to blog again!
So, last night they bombed the moon- this has left me feeling shocked, outraged and frankly ashamed to be human.  How dare they, whoever they are?  Where is the respect.? Our beautiful grandmother moon, governing our tides and all reproductive cycles on earth.  As if it isn’t bad enough that we are destroying our own planet, can we not even leave other planets in piece?  What is going on with the world?

I just watched 3 miles north of molkom (sweet film about a Swedish hippy festival- lots of processing!) followed by Julie and Julia (or Julia and Julie).  The latter film partly centres around a girl writing a blog, which becomes quite big, leads to a book, blah di blah.  Not in my wildest dreams do I expect this blog to lead to a book, but it just reminded me that blogging is a way to write, regularly, without worrying about when or if anyone’s ever going to read it.  Just a way to get the stuff in my head out, and express myself (words being my medium of choice, in general).

Perhaps over the next few weeks I can even bring a bit of focus to my writing, or try out some topics or themes.

I expect babies will feature, along with pregnancy and birth, with my doula training just having begun.  I wouldn’t be surprised if there’s some discussion around sexuality and relationships, friendships, children and gardening.  As for anything else, we shall just have to wait and see.  Now I shall go to bed and take advantage of an uninterrupted night’s sleep, perhaps beaming out some love and healing towards the poor invaded moon, still hanging so beautifully in the night sky.


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